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Yifa Holdings and Jiangxi Yifa Power Technology both obtained a paper certificate from the State Grid
Date: Sat, JAN 31, 2015 10:37:08

Yifa Holding Group and Jiangxi Yifa Power Technology successfully passed the verification and verification of the qualification qualification of the State Grid supplier, and have obtained the “Verification Certificate of Supplier Qualification Ability”.

The State Grid Corporation's centralized scale bidding procurement supplier qualification verification certificate is referred to as "one paper certificate". It is the necessary document for the electrical appliance manufacturing enterprise to participate in the corresponding centralized bidding activities of the State Grid Corporation. It is a centralized response document that supports all the supporting information and information data of the bidding documents.

Since the launch of this activity, the Group and Yifa Power Technology Co., Ltd. actively and proactively organized relevant personnel to plan and prepare materials according to the notification requirements, mainly from the basic information business part of the manufacturer, the existing performance, technical strength, certification, product type test. Reporting, manufacturing equipment, test equipment, manufacturing processes, production environment, product capacity and other requirements are required to start work. Everyone's efforts were not in vain. The Group and Yifa Power Technology have successfully obtained a paper certificate for the transformer series, the energy metering box series and the high voltage electric series.

Having a paper certificate issued by the State Grid means that our products and production capacity have been recognized by the State Grid, enabling us to better serve the national grid.